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Alynne Lavigne - Toronto, Canada based jeweler who specializes in fresh, clean, and sometimes avant garde pieces.  We love them because of how they mix gold and silver - perfect if you don't like choosing between the two!

Bauxo - made in Bali, Indonesia, and has a rustic, laid back vibe.  We love the hand carved look to these pieces, you can see the artisan's marks and feel a sense of craftsmanship in each piece.

By Boe - designed and made in Brooklyn, New York. It is a delicate, feminine yet modern 14kt gold filled and sterling silver collection.  These pieces are perfect everyday, and reach a broad style spectrum.

Five & Two - a romantic, free-spirited collection designed in California. We love the dainty stones and delicate chains - they make great layering pieces since too  much jewelry is not a real thing!

Ink + Alloy - works with refugee women from all over the world  in Atlanta, GA. The UN settles up to 2,000 refugees a year in Clarkston, GA. These amazing women have fled war and persecution to start again. Many of the pieces are hand-crafted by them, giving them the opportunity to build lives of dignity here in America.

 Karen London - designed in Los Angeles, California by Kristina McDaniel. A blend of edgy yet feminine designs with bursts of color and a root in vintage style.  Our must have pieces are anything with moonstone or labradorite!

Mary Gallagher - avant garde, hand crafted jewelry made in Brooklyn, New York. Dark and mystical, we love the juxtaposition of cut gemstones and claw like settings. The rings are a favorite!

Meadowlark - handcrafted in New Zealand from luxurious precious metals and ethically sourced stones. If a collection can be delicate and bad ass at the same time - this is definitely it.  Classic pieces for those who are not so usual.

Monica Squitieri - fueled by music and the landscapes and culture of California, each piece is handmade and named after places of inspiration like Big Sur and Grass Valley.  We love the hand carved feel with delicate gems!

Soko - made in Nairobi, Kenya, aligning handmade talent from emerging markets with the international fashion consumer. Local artisans use locally sourced and eco-friendly materials. Their earrings are a Line & Label favorite!