Many of our items are handmade in our Greenpoint shop. We pride ourselves on offering high quality, locally made, unique products which celebrate the creative spirit of Brooklyn.

Founded in June 2013 by Kate O'Riley, LINE & LABEL  showcases emerging independent jewelry and clothing designers along with the L&L collections.

What inspired you to open the store?

I had been working for high end clothing designers for the past 13 years - doing mostly design, production and operations.  I really thought it was time to do my own thing!  It was a combination of wanting to work for myself (I don't do well with authority - ha!) and the freedom to be more creative.

How did you come up with the shop name?

Line & Label came from me wanting to design a "Line" of my own for the shop as well as carrying other designers or "Labels".  

Do you have a muse? 

Not one particular person - but I have to say I'm inspired by strong, cool, sexy women. Two of my favorites have to be Kate Moss & Elizabeth Taylor.

What are your favorite materials? 

I love leather and lace! I don't know if this is a passing phase or not.  I think my family and friends would say not.  I think they've seen variations of this for over a decade now! 

What are your favorite pieces to make?

I love the process of making dreamcatchers.  There's not a right or wrong way to make them - it's just what ever feels right, and I like that.

But my true love is making leather handbags.  I am really a pretty practical person - and I love that I can make something that I think is so simple and beautiful and useful all at the same time.

Does music play a role in your creation process?

Yes for sure!  I listen to music constantly while working and think it has always played a role in designing clothes and bags.

I started making things to wear in high school - and at the time listened to bands like Crass and the Dead Kennedys.  This definitely had an influence on how I dressed.  (My mom likes to remind me of being sent home from high school for what I was wearing!)

But I think music influences how most of us dress!

How do you decide what brands to carry in the store?

It starts with things I like personally of course - and brands that I am most attracted to.  Then I have to think about who is shopping at Line & Label - and it's not only neighborhood people that shop here. So I think what my sister and sister-in-law would like, what my friends would wear, what the girls that work with me would like.