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Silk Bandana

$ 42.00

Hand-dyed silk bandanas in various color-ways

21" x 21"

Pink: Ice dyed with cochineal

Blue: Dipped in indigo + bundled with rusty bits(Nails, washers, bolts, etc).

Green Blue: Bundle dyed with onion skins, hollyhock, and coreopsis flowers. The magic happens when it's all dipped in iron water.

100% Silk

Made in New York


I recommend a delicate cycle in cold water with detergents free of additives, ones labeled "free and clear" will maintain the beauty and increase longevity of the natural dyes the best. Hang dry or a dryer on a low heat setting. For best results, remove while still slightly damp and hang or press it to dry. Steam or iron on the correct heat fabric setting to help with wrinkles.