Line & Label's Fall Collection

We love Fall colors, textures and layering!

This season is full of rich jewel tones and abstract prints and unexpected details; side zippers, reversible pieces, back snaps...

Reversible Jacquard Jacket Layered

Reversible Jacquard Jacket over Embroidered Shirt Jacket, and Snap Back Shirt

Floral Brocade Coat

Floral Brocade Coat - Gunmetal Snap Closure

Quilted Bomber JacketBack of Quilted Bomber Jacket

Vintage Quilted Bomber Jacket with Suede & Leather Snake

Faux Leather Perforated Top & Reversible Jacquard Skirt

Geo Lace Shirt & Reversible Jacquard Skirt

Geometric Lace Sweatshirt & Reversible Jacquard Skirt

Embroidered Shirt Jacket over Ponte Mock Neck Top,

& Reversible Jacquard Skirt

Neoprene Leather Skirt with Mini Dot Top

 Ikat Cotton Dress

Ikat Cotton Shirtdress - back zip & pleat detail

Mod Leather Jacket

Mod Leather Jacket - zippered sleeves and snap closure

Ponte Mock Neck Top & Jacquard Reversible Skirt

 Everything works together - so it makes it easy to mix and match!


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NYC Together X Line & Label

Internships are often thought of as being for the benefit of the intern, but more and more we’re seeing what effect they can have for the company taking on the intern, too.

When Jerome arrived at Line & Label, Kate O’Riley’s hip Greenpoint boutique, she didn’t know what to expect. She said she partnered with the NYC Together internship program this winter simply because she wanted to pass on what she knows to aspiring designers.

“I always thought it would feel good to mentor or help someone, but never could I have imagined how good it made me feel,” she told us recently in an email. “It was a life changing experience for me. I think the bond that I developed with Jerome will be life long. I am truly thankful for the time that I get to spend with him every week.” 

When Jerome arrived, he loved clothes but he really didn’t know anything about making them, she said. He helped her mostly by taking packages to the post office, picking up sewing and trimming supplies, and doing inventory. She helped him by teaching him some basics in designing, draping, patternmaking, and sewing.

“What I wanted him to learn was first making a simple tote bag,” she explained. “He made the flat pattern, cut and then sewed the bag. I was pretty impressed, he had never made anything like this before from scratch.  Now we are in the process of making a custom fit button up shirt with his measurements.  He is learning that he can take an existing flat pattern, and make the adjustments according to his (or someone else's) measurements.”

Jerome is a senior in high school and hopes to continue his education at a fashion school next fall, where he’ll have some skills when he enters the classroom.

“There were a lot of people in my life who influenced me,” Kate wrote. “I would love to be able to inspire and help someone work toward their goals and dreams.”

Are you a company interested in providing an internship for an NYC Together youth? Contact us here.

Just like this story and want to contribute to the organization doing this work? Donate here.


Fall 2016 Lookbook

Hudson faux suede jacket over our silk charmeuse maxi dress.
Navy wool & cashmere motorcycle jacket, crushed velvet top, leather patchwork skirt and leather envelope clutch.
Crushed velvet top, leather patchwork skirt and Montclair sunglasses from Wonderland.
Our velvet jumper over navy lace tee, and embossed croc Rivet bag.
Velvet smoking jacket over black silk t-shirt and jacquard shorts.
Vintage military jacket, corduroy floral button up and faux suede shorts.
Vintage military jacket with suede / leather scorpion.
Black leather t-shirt and floral corduroy skirt.
Silk charmeuse maxi dress.

Insider Brooklyn by Rachel Felder

I think it was about a year ago that Rachel came into the shop and started telling me about a book that she was working on - and I remember thinking, what a great idea, I wish this was coming out now!!!

I of course am biased and think Brooklyn is the best borough - it's where I live, work, hang out - I'd take Brooklyn over Manhattan any day!

Rachel highlights things to do and places to stay in Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Bushwick, Boerum Hill, Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, Brooklyn Heights, Dumbo, Park Slope, Gowanus, Red Hook, Fort Green, Clinton Hill, Prospect Heights, Crown Heights, Bedford-Stuyvesant and Ditmas Park. I don't think she left anything out!

Here is what she wrote about Greenpoint:

And of course about Line & Label:

'With Siouxsie and the Banshees blaring in the background and clothes by the likes of Christian Joy - a stylist who's worked with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Alabama Shakes - it's no surprise that the garments at this homespun boutique have a rock'n'roll edge. But owner Kate O'Riley, who designs some of the clothing, offers pieces that would work in a casual office environment despite their "cool girl" sensibility. There's also restrained, delicate jewelry and simple bags to tone things down. Nothing's too pricey and many items, including just-trendy-enough handbags, are made in-house in a studio that's tucked in back.'

We've ordered copies that we will have for sale in the shop - we think they will make great gifts filled with useful information as well as keepsakes for tourists.

Thanks again to Rachel Felder and Harper Collins for including us!

Brooklyn Babe: Meet Frankie Denise, Hairstylist at Bumble & Bumble

Frankie Denise cutting Kate's hair.

1) Where did you live before coming to Brooklyn?

I'm a native New Yorker- I grew up in the Bronx and then lived in the East Village for my 20's. Then I ended up in Williamsburg about 9 years ago- coincidentally in the building right next door to where my mom and grandmother grew up!


2) If you didn't live here, you would be . . . 

In Dublin, Ireland. I spend a lot of time there- my boyfriend lives there so we split our time between the two cities.


3) Where is your favorite date spot?

Bamonte's - the food is pretty good but it's really all about the atmosphere. If it's a best friend date, I love Bozu. And our casual go-to spot is Pies-n-Thighs.


4) Describe your ideal day off:

First of all, waking up without an alarm clock. If it's a nice day out, I love to go for a swim at the pool at McCarren Park, then go home and take a nap. Meet up with friends for dinner at Snacky or a friends backyard for a barbecue. Then if I'm really lucky, one of my favorite local bands Natur, Endless Boogie, or Dirty Fences is playing and I go check them out.


Frankie Denise's custom Line & Label Dreamcatcher hanging over her bed for sweet dreams.


4) Tell us about the dreamcatcher you have from Line & Label.

My boyfriend got it for me for Christmas- it's what I asked for - he arranged it with Kate, and she made it custom for me. I saw a picture from another customer of hers who hung theirs above their bed and I had to have one of my own. It's the perfect place for it!

Five Leaves


5) What is your favorite coffee spot?

Five Leaves' to-go window.


6) What are you reading at the moment?

I'm trudging my way through Morrissey's autobiography. I'm usually a fast reader but this is a slow read. 

Ghost World


7) What is your number one movie of all time?

Ghost World


8) What are you listening to right now?

Flower Travelin Band, Earthless, Harsh Toke


9) What can you not leave home without?

Making sure my hair looks good. And Palmers cocoa butter lip balm.

Frankie Denise wearing her Serefina and By Boe jewelry from Line & Label.


10) Do you have any other favorite pieces from Line & Label? 

I have pants from Modern Saints, a few of Kate's handbags, a spiky bracelet from Serefina, and a gold By Boe ring.


11) If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and what would you do there?

Dublin to hang out with my man - I'm actually here in Dublin as I'm writing this! Dreams do come true.