Meet Rosie Sumstad, Hairstylist of Fringe Salon in LES

Rosie pictured wearing: Gold Disc earrings - Jocelyn Negron, Frame Ring - By Boe and Pyrite Layering Necklace - Serefina

Where are you originally from?

Saint Petersburg, FL

What brought you to New York?

....I lived in Florida! 

What do you do?

Hairstylist at Fringe Salon

Where's your favorite date spot?

Sweet Chick restaurant! Can't get enough of their chicken & waffles!! 


Who are your favorite designers in the shop?

I love all the handmade L&L leather goods and obsessed with the Serefina jewelry!


If you didn't live here, you would be living  _____________

Portland, OR where all my dearest friends are! 


What are you listening to right now?

Honestly.... Rihanna!!! 


What can you not leave home without?

iPhone, Sunglasses and my super lightweight scarf from Thailand! 


What would your ideal day off be like?

If the weather ever warms up: A day at the beach with my boyfriend, dogs and margaritas-  staying until the sun sets!


If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and what would you do there?

One day I will get to Norway, stay in a glass roof igloo and watch the northern lights! Then travel to the town of Sumstad where my family inherited our last name




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