Meet Kelly Ferraro, a social business consultant for Austin-based start-up Spredfast

1) What brought you to Greenpoint?

My husband and I were living in Washington, DC, where we met and got married. We frequently traveled to Brooklyn for work and play (I was in advertising, and he's a filmmaker) and we fell in love with Greenpoint in 2008 after stumbling upon the neighborhood en route to a concert at McCarren Pool. In 2011, I was able to get a job transfer with my company, and the rest, as they say, is history. 

2) Where is your favorite Friday night spot?

On my couch snuggling with our dog, Jake — ha! Honestly, I like low key Friday nights, so I'll either order in from Fornino, or get a drink with friends and listen to live piano music at Manhattan Inn. I love Manhattan Inn... I feel like it's this gem because it combines the edge and grit of Greenpoint with the refinement of classic New York. Plus, they have killer cocktails (my favorite is the Grace Kelly). I'm also a fan of the newly-opened Luncheonette, and can promise that the bartender Neil's Old Fashioned is the best you'll ever have. 

3) What do you find interesting about your line of work?

Unpredictability. I work remotely as a social business consultant for an Austin-based tech start-up called Spredfast. The market and my role are always shifting, so it's exciting to anticipate trends and help customers determine their next course. Before working in this field, I was a lawyer and my days were pretty predictable. I took the leap five years ago and changed fields after working at a firm for just eight months because I never wanted to stare my future in the face and know exactly what it would be like 20 years out. 

4) Where do you like to go for brunch or coffee?

There's nothing I love more about this neighborhood than the plethora of incredible coffee shops and brunch spots. My first coffee love will always be Charlotte Patisserie, not just because they serve Counter Culture coffee and make the best pastries in New York, but because I love the story of how the business started. Michael used to work in construction, but it was his dream to be a chef, so he left construction and moved to Paris to study under a master pastry chef, and upon his return his sister Magda convinced him to open the shop. I think I relate to stories like Michael's because of my own career change. I think it's really important for people to pursue their dreams.

5) Who are your favorite designers in the shop? 

Well, Kate of course. I love the Line & Label leather handbags, and just adore this custom navy leather bag I recently purchased. I'm also a fan of the Habitual denim pants you carry, and snagged myself two pairs of ankle cut jeans. I love the overall aesthetic of the store, and how you pair looks. I think that finding a style is a lot like finding your voice. You have to play around and experiment with different looks, cuts, textures, etc., until you find what works. Personal style is also a collection of who you are and different experiences you've had in your life... cities you've in, placed you've traveled, jobs you've had, and the people who have inspired you along the way.  I love Line & Label so much because you challenge me to dress more stylishly, but in a way that still represents who I am. 

6) If you didn't live here, you would be living . . . 

Is this something every New Yorker thinks about? I feel like we are all entertaining the "other city" fantasy... the mistress we dream about while we are married to New York. Well, this winter has been rough, so I'd want to move to sunshine... either Austin or LA. Because I travel to Austin so much for work, I often fantasize about living in a little house in eclectic East Austin, and having my own chickens in the backyard. And I'd want a big, wooden table so I can feed my friends properly. Venice Beach is another option I'd entertain — pictures of my friends romping around California beaches are always popping up in my Facebook newsfeed and I fantasize about starting my day with a run on the beach and being able to surf year-round. 

7) What is your favorite movie of all time?

I don't know about favorite (too hard to choose!), but I'd say the most influential movie in my life was probably The Muppets Take Manhattan. I grew up in New Jersey and "the city" was always this exciting body of energy and opportunity looming just northward. At a young age, I think I understood that I needed to move here at some point in life to make my dreams happen. That movie was probably the first of many moments that inspired that kind of thinking. 

8) What can you not leave home without?

Well, these days I can't leave home without my dog Jake because he has separation anxiety. Ha! 

9) What would your ideal day off be like?

My ideal day off would involve a long run, a vinyasa class at Yoga to the People, a pre-dinner cocktail, like the Wawa at El Born, and then cooking a big, fresh meal for friends. I'd cap it off with an ice cream sandwich from Van Leeuwen (have you tried their Ovenly salted chocolate chip cookies? Heaven in your mouth!)

10) If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and what would you do there?

If I could be anywhere right now, it would be Tulum, Mexico, where I would just sit on the beach, collecting sunshine and empty margarita glasses. I'd balance stuffing my face with Mateo's fish tacos by getting in a few yoga classes at the Mayatulum or by trying kiteboarding. 

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