Brunch at EAT with Katiushka Melo

Katiushka Melo, a dancer and visual artist, believes cooking is also an art form. Photo Credit: Mariana Garay

How did you end up in Brooklyn?

A love story led me to Bushwick in 2001, back when large lofts were being built out and rent was still cheap. Ever since then whenever I am back to live in New York, Brooklyn has been home.


Describe your ideal day off.

My ideal day off begins with a long breakfast and a beautifully set table where conversation is abundant along with endless cups of coffee and rays of sun beaming through the window. Meet a friend at the park to read the day's news aloud. Once digestion is through, a dance class to stimulate the body and allow circulation to reach all ends, a moment to forget your current state of life and really be with the movement. Next shopping for food at the farmer's market to have friends over for dinner. Back home to cook and prepare for a night of good company, food, wine and conversation.


Brunch menu. Photo Credit: Mariana Garay


Eat seems to be a combination of art studio and restaurant.  Tell us about the concept behind Eat.

Eat is a restaurant run by Jordan Colón. Eat has been many things. It started as a record store and coffee shop and then transformed into a farm-to-table cafe. Recently Jordan has shifted the focus to his ceramics and Eat is now a studio with a kitchen - a place where you may find lunch being prepared while a pot or bowl is being thrown on the wheel in the front window. I actually met Jordan not long ago when I stumbled upon his studio. We talked about food and he showed me his work, before long i was cooking us lunch. Three weeks later i was hosting and cooking brunch at Eat. 


Many of Eat's dishes are served in pieces made in its studio. Photo Credit: Emily Li Mandri

What kinds of cuisine inspire your dishes?

I find inspiration in daily living and am driven by flavors....the mixing, the tossing, the infusing of these. On my daily bike routes I often find myself dreaming of flavor combinations and spices....sumac infused....tossed into a grapefruit spicy merquen......pepita encrusted....

Savory oats. Photo Credit: Julia Zhou


My mother is a great cook as well so when I am with her we talk flavors, spices and what is brewing in our kitchens. I grew up in New York, but my family is from Chile so I always saw a contrast between my family's kitchen aromas and my closest friends' whose backgrounds spanned the globe. I spent a few years living and working as an artist in China. Due to proximity i was able to travel vastly in Asia which has really influenced my cooking style.

Chia seed pudding. Photo Credit: Emily Li Mandri

What are your favorite pieces at Line & Label?

I love the Binichic Greta bag and Shlomit Ofir's gold half circle drop necklace!


Do you make art as well?

I do make art. I have danced my whole life, starting out very classically trained then moving on to explore more modern techniques. Eventually, confined to NYC spaces, the movement became smaller and smaller finding my way into gallery window displays. I also work with video and installation although it really varies depending on the project. I believe cooking is an art form in itself and it feels very performative to me. I am currently in the process of introducing my art to my cooking. They're finally getting to know each other. 

Katiushka working on an installation. Photo Credit: Daniel Broadhurst


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