Meet the Floss Gloss Ladies: Talking Emojis, Collabs, and Partybruises

1. Welcome to Brooklyn ladies! What made you decide to make the move?

A: Way more opportunity for media exposure and events.

J: I really felt like it was time we tried out our NYC legs!  Just felt like the right move, since LA was out of the question.

The Floss Gloss ladies: Aretha and Janine


2. How did you decide to start your own nail polish brand?

A: Many years of being the market and mixing our own.

J: Aretha and I always had pet peeves about all the nail polish we owned prior to Floss Gloss.  Either it was too sheer, didn't go on true to bottle color, ugly packaging, bad formula.  We had always dreamed of putting out a line that we knew babes would be down for because there would be no surprises after purchasing.  + Aretha was already mixing the hottest colors when we met in college, so it was just a match made in heaven (once we wrote a business plan and got funding of course)



3. What distinguishes your polish from any other polish brand?

A: Made by consumers under 30, extremely dense glitters, custom colors, made by artists.

J: Our packaging, our colors and our aesthetic.  We are the market and we constantly put out visuals and lacquers that haven't really been explored yet.  

4. Has anything surprised you about living in BK?

A: The lack of good cheap pho in Bushwick, the bay had me spoiled

J: The amount of walking! I knew we wouldn't have a car and we'd be walking alot, but man lol it gets to you a little! 

5. What inspires you?

A: Music, nature, art, laughter, rockstars & rapstars.

J: Vintage fashion mags, textiles, tons of music, books.

Stop by the shop this Friday evening to meet the Floss Gloss ladies!


6. How do you come up with your nail polish color names?

A: We wear the color, discuss, ask our friends, brainstorm, then choose the best, most fitting, and most accessible.

J: The color speaks for itself sometimes! And it def has to do with our collection aesthetic and the vibe of the season.  Sometimes it can be really challenging!

Floss Gloss did a nail lacquer collab with Gangsta Boo of three six mafia.


7. Tell us about some of your favorite collabs: Any artists or musicians that you've really loved working with?

A: Working with Gangsta Boo of three six mafia was unreal. I have been a huge fan of hers for years and years and she rules I love her we became really great friends and I couldn't ask for more!

J: Gangsta Boo formerly of Memphis rap group Three 6 Mafia!  Aretha really put me onto her music when were first started working on Floss Gloss, we always play music in the studio.  It was like a dream when she reached out to us to work on a color with her ~ she is a living rap legend!! Also Alana Haim is the sweetest baby angel ever!! We love her, Dani and Estee and loved seeing them grow in the last year! Girl Power! 

8. What is an average day in the life of a Floss Gloss lady?

A: Wake up & try to go to the gym by 9:30 with Janine, 5 miles on the elliptical, 2 gallons of espresso, go to Janine’s aka the office and deal with anything from elaborate nail piercings to making a budget to mixing a holographic nail polish to sending a million emails until 7-7:30.

J: Wellll depending on the day, its coffee, emails, second breakfast, smoke break, creative development or cold sales calling to grow our brand, probably some art making for our Instagram or flyers for our next sale or event, maybe painting nails in the studio and more emails.  We're only a two person team so we do everything from sales, to accounts payable, marketing, wholesale contact, customer service for our retail eshop and finances for our business.  Things can get pretty crazy and everyday is different! 

Floss Gloss's Instagram is LEGENDARY!


9. Your Instagram followers love your photos as much as your captions which are filled tons of Emojis. Do you have any favorite Emojis?

A: I LOVE the syringe, dice, nascar flag and ciggy. Goes with my personal branding.  But I really feelin alot of them so hard that Instagram banned me from emoji use till Saturday currently. ;(

J: OMG ~ I think my fave emoji would be the trophy, if I could be an emoji or pick one that most represented myself.  Not far off would be the cherry blossom, palm tree, droplet squirt, white exclaimation point, the 100, and all the pink hearts.  That’s a really tough question, probably the best question I've ever been asked in an interview.  

10. Do you ever take a day off?! If so, what do you like to do?

A: Oooh so rare! Janine and I will once in a while then we'll end up making some crazynail art or something work related but if we do we both headed straight for the beach or we go dancing at the club. We don't have the time or the money for that right now but I see jetskis in our future.

J: LOL not really!  When my phone is on, I'm basically always at work no matter where I am!  Wedding reception, on 'vacation', or even at the gym.  We are always ON.  But when we do get the occasional 'day off' I would like to be in Coronado at my parents, basically at the beach anywhere or road-tripping! 


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