Meet David, Owner of Local Silkcreen Shop "Made In Brooklyn"

1. Where did you live before coming to Brooklyn?

I was born in a small town in Ukraine called White Church. I lived in Kiev Ukraine for the first few years of my life. My mother and I emigrated to Brooklyn NYC, when I was about 7 years old, almost 22 years ago. I have been living in Brooklyn ever since. Brooklyn is, was and always will be my home. 

2. What was it that inspired you to start your own silk-screening business?

I always loved the concept of DIY. I also had many dealings with printing shops from around the city and always had issues, with minimums and hidden fees. Because I was not getting hundreds or thousands of shirts, I always felt like I was on their secondary list. That's where my company is different. I worked in a tattoo shop for many years and have gotten to know many artists of all walks. That's who I want to work with, artists, or small companies that are just launching lines. I want to help artists and businesses grow and myself grow with them. 

Snake Tee

3. Do you have a certain medium you prefer using or printing on?

I recently did a project printing record boxes for vinyls. It was not an easy task, but it was a lot of fun getting away from fabrics and working on heavy card stock. My next project is going to be hand made business cards and I'm going to attempt to print skateboards!


4. Where do you gather most of the inspiration for your work?

Most of my inspirations comes from music and the artists all around me. It very difficult to be an artist full-time in this town. Everything is so outrageously expensive. I want to work with artists that have incredible artistic skills and talents. I want to help them get their names out there by printing their designs on anything i can get my hands on!


5. What are a couple of your favorite collaborations you've done? 

I love making merch for bands. So my favorite collaborations have been with STB Records and Poisoned Mind Records

6. What are you working on at the moment?

At this moment, I am working on various projects for the record labels. As well as a few projects for gyms and local companies based in Brooklyn. I am working on a few lines with tattoo artists which should be ready within the next few months. I just opened up and the orders keep flowing in! I am really excited about that!


7. Describe your ideal day off - what are you doing when you’re not working?

Don't have many of those nowadays! But a perfect day off would include sleeping in. A large lazy breakfast. Followed up by a dinner and a concert. If i can take a few days away, it would definitely include a road trip to get away from the grind of the city. 

Scorpion Tee

8. Do you have a favorite go to spot for food & drinks?

Brooklyn and NYC are full of incredible restaurants. My favorites would be Fette Sau, Traif or Hometown BBQ in Red Hook. For bars, I really dig Saint Vitus on Manhattan Ave or Pete's Ale House on Atlantic. 


9. If you had to live anywhere else in the world, where would it be and why?

I really love it in Brooklyn. It's the only place I can proudly call home. But one day I want to move away from big city life. Something with mountains and small populations. Like Northern California or Vermont. Where everything is made by your neighbors. I think I would really enjoy the quiet life, but not quite yet. For now my aim is to grow this company. So I will be staying right here and I am going to keep getting it Made In Brooklyn!!!


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