Meet Annika Inez, Designer of by boe

We're hosting a nail party with jewelry label by boe at our shop tomorrow evening with discounted by boe merch and nail art by Fleury Rose



Thursday, Dec 11


568 Manhattan Ave

Brooklyn, NY 


There's still time to RSVP


With the event tomorrow we wanted to interview Annika, the designer of by boe, to get the inside scoop on her design inspiration, jewelry styling tips, and the best places to hang in the neighborhood.  

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Where are you originally from?

I’m from Malmo, Sweden.


Tell us about your current neighborhood. Any favorite things you like to do? 

I live in Cobble Hill but I love hopping down to Red Hook to have a bite at Fort Defiance and go to Sunny’s for a drink and some live Bluegrass.

In Cobble Hill, a great afternoon in the neighborhood would be a stop for some art at The Invisible Dog on Bergen Street, late lunch at Bar Tabac, browse some books at the local book shop Bookcourt, a stroll through the beautiful streets and end with a drink at  The Long Island Bar. I have lived in the neighborhood for a long time, (after a long time in your neighborhood Greenpoint!) and I have a daughter in school here so walking through the neighborhood we always run into friends and love this feeling of community.


What inspires you?

Ah, so many things and all so different, people of NYC, being in nature, art. Music is a big portion of it though, music is always on, at the studio, at home, in my ears when running around the city, I see a good amount of live music. Last one was TV On The Radio, next one is Tune Yards.


Describe by boe's aesthetic.

Clean, simple, thoughtful with a juxtaposition between femininity and edginess.


Do you have a muse?

Colette, Pina Bausch, Lea Seydoux, the Swedish photographer Lina Scheynius….so many inspiring women.


If you had to pick one piece of jewelry to wear for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

That is a hard. It would probably be a gold pendant that my older sister gave me as christening present as a baby, it is very dear to me.

Flash Ring

How do you feel about mixing gold and silver jewelry? Some girls won't do it!

I’m all about mixing! To me, mixing different types of jewelry from ethnic to precious to costume and vintage is what makes it personal and special.


What would be your ideal day off?

:) These questions are all hard to answer because I have to choose. I don’t have one ideal day off, there are so many ideal days. A fall one would be a long and lazy morning home with family followed by an afternoon outdoors and finished with a house full of friends and kids together for a dinner and good wine!

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