10 Questions with Alynne Lavigne

We had a chance to chat with Alynne Lavigne + Eve Tobolka of the jewelry line Alynne Lavigne.  They told us all about their design inspiration and favorite things.

1) We've heard you gather inspiration from female rap artists & their music videos for your jewelry line which is so cool. If you had to pick your absolute favorite style icon out of these inspiring women, who would it be & why?

Alynne: Salt-N-Pepa had such bold iconic looks, lots of big gold chains and medallions.  They were also tough and funny, which gets projected (I hope) in my personal style on occasion.

Flat Chain Bracelet

Eve: Right now I’m trying to channel Njena Reddd Foxxx’s temperament coupled with a matching-is-overrated direction every time I get dressed. Needless to say it’s tough to do so in the winter time because I’ll put on an NRF “my-opinion-is-the-only-one-that-counts” outfit but then I have to cover up with full-on Canadian winter gear, not to mention long underwear.

2) What are some of your favorite eras or favorite style icons you draw inspiration from for your personal style?

Alynne: It changes EVERY WEEK! Lately I’ve been doing a lot of layering with 2 or 3 thin necklaces and pendants à la a 90’s D’arcy Wretzky or Gwen Stefani.

Eve: I’m with Alynne - this changes all the time. Right now I’m really into Anke-Eve Goldmann’s all leather all the time look.


3) So, you two started collecting vintage jewelry when you began working together, how did that transform into creating & designing your own line?

Alynne: A lot of the vintage needing repairs, so I started altering pieces and it snowballed from there.



Medallion Pendant

4) What are some of the very first pieces you two designed together?

The Brick Wall Earrings were probably our first thing.

The first piece Alynne + Eve designed together.

5) What are your absolute favorite pieces of jewelry you own?

Alynne: I have this Fortune Cookie Necklace that I can’t find to take a pic for you! But my vintage dinosaur pin collection is growing, and it’s pretty great.

6) Are you engaged in any other projects or collaborations aside from Alynne Lavigne?

Alynne: We’ve always got something going with NYC based stylist Solange Franklin, definitely another collaboration in the works. I would LOVE to start doing costume jewellery for movies and/or TV shows, especially something Sci-Fi or medieval themed.

Eve: I’m taking violin lessons.

Silver Spike Necklace
Silver Spiral Earrings

7) Describe your ideal day off.

Alynne: Reading, walking, going for dinner, drinks with friends.

Eve: Ideally, holding hands while snorkeling with my boo, like in the Turks and Caicos commercials. Realistically, cuddling and eating chips.

Alynne: I change mine, what Eve said.


8) Do you share any rituals or superstitions either before you start your day or to optimize creativity?

Alynne: No. Unless Mercury is in retrograde. Then yes.

Eve: It isn’t a good idea to start working on anything together before we’ve had coffee.

Gold Spiral Earrings
Gold Half Sun Earrings

9) If Toronto wasn't your home where would you live?

Alynne: Paris? Maybe Berlin. Love Toronto though.

Eve: That’s a tough one because I’m only a year into my relationship with the dumpling place up the street.


10) Any favorites from the Line & Label collection?

Alynne: Love that Calf Hair Satchel!

Eve: Leather Cargo Skirt for sure!


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