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We love Break A Stone -  we were so excited to talk to Aggelika and find out about her inspiration behind her amazing collection!

What inspired you to start Break A Stone?

I believe that being able to concentrate is a big deal and can help unreveal hidden treasures in oneself... Creating with my hands has always been one of the most effective ways for me to focus, so along with my need to express myself creatively Break a Stone was born!


What are your favorite pieces to design?

This changes from time to time I guess.. It mostly depends on my mood, on what I personally feeling like carrying on me and on what kind of treasures. I happen to bump into! Up until today i have made quite a variety of rings though.


Describe your personal style.

I'm keeping it simple, I don't wear too many colors plus I like carrying some interesting jewelry on me. ;)


Is there a particular stone and metal that you prefer working with?

I mostly prefer to work with bronze and silver as far as metal is concerned. 

Between stones, I mostly prefer to work with white quartz. I like the sparkle and transparency of it and the fact that it looks perfect with almost anything!

Explain your design process..

When I set out to make new designs, I am not always sure of the final piece. Sometimes I just put bits and parts together having in mind a draft idea of what i want to deliver. I always have texture in mind though from the very beginning... Texture defines the style of each piece of jewelry.


If you took a day off, what would you do?

Waking up late, no rush and long walks with friends or alone in the city. Meeting new people, sitting down talking, exchanging experiences and ideas. But that's just one that crossed my mind now.. I can think of thousands of excellent ways to spend a day.. I am not complaint for my everyday life either :)

If you were not designing jewelry, you would be...

A carpenter!


Where was the last vacation you went on?

Morocco. We mainly stayed in Marakesh but the most amazing experience was in the deserts of Zagora...the simplicity of the landscape, the lack of information around just makes you feel free!

And the next vacation you would like to take?

Among others, I would like to visit you guys in New York !


To see more from Break A Stone click here! We love them all - so hard to choose a favorite piece!


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